Exam Centre for Rent

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If you are looking for a space to conduct competitive examinations via computers, fundamentally, there are a lot of aspects at play here, which includes but is not limited to the physical environment, the quality of the systems and comfortable placing of seats. It must be ensured that the room is free of any disturbance, it must be properly ventilated and illuminated, the systems should run smoothly and quickly without any problems so that the students can solely concentrate on their exams. Last but not the least, the seats and the seating arrangement should be comfortable, it should not be too close together nor should there be an abundance space between students. 

These are very minute aspects but when they come together at play, will influence the student’s mindset and hence their ability to concentrate and focus on their examination, which could be an important one that would possibly determine their future.  

We understand all these aspects and we have a great competitive, computer based exam centre which will fulfil all your needs! We ensure that all your needs will be met in order for you to conduct a smooth examination without any trouble or interruptions. The Indian Institute of Computer Education (IICE) provides an excellent Online Examination Services in Udaipur. 
We run an online examination centre franchise with spaces available to set up Prometric centres. The IICE comes under the top 10 Prometric Examination Training Centres in Udaipur. The exam centres are fully equipped with quality monitors, CPUs and comfortable seating. These spaces can be used to conduct competitive exams like GRE, GMAT, CAT, MAT and many more. You can leave your worries about where to conduct the exam behind! Do reach out to us if you want a top notch facility to conduct your examinations in!